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Whether you need to install a new solution or renew an existing installation, we provide effective support and gain valuable time by guiding you through the selection and implementation of a system for your business.

Tusna & data designs and implements:

Server Solution:
For your new infrastructure of servers or Blades, Tusna & data manages all steps, effectively and according to EIS standards. In addition to standard configurations, we can also make adjustments according to your specific needs.

Storage Solution:
Storage is the heart of Tusna & data's services. The design and installation of complete storage infrastructure for all topologies (SAN, NAS or DAS) followed by its integration to volume managers and different types of operating systems are areas which are our specialty.

High Availability Solution:
Tusna & data provides solutions to ensure high availability for your services and databases. Such a solution masks the effects of a hardware or software failure and maintains the availability of applications to minimize the dead time perceived by the user.

Network Solution:
Tusna & data designs and installs for your company secure and flexible network infrastructure regardless of its complexity, while being adapted to your budget and your needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution:
With its strong experience in the field, Tusna & data proposes to study and implement the best backup solution suited to your data fabric, guaranteeing their recovery in case of incident or disaster.

Thin client Solution:
Tusna & data is specialist in integration of centralized server architecture, also known as "thin client architecture." Our experience and expertise in the field of Thin Client commits us to build you a powerful and reliable solution.

Our commitments:
- Experienced engineers, certified, and have many references
- A high availability
- A permanent quality and a commitment to results
- The timeliness and cost